ISD “Initiative for Safe Motherhood and Child Health” has a major initiation for creating awareness and providing support and assistance for women and child health issues, nutrition and women empowerment in Nepal.

ISD creates awareness and support to:

A. Improve women’s health by conducting cervical cancer screening camp

B. Encourage and support women for Pap smear Test

  • Educate women for self breast cancer examination
  • Educate women for uterine prolapsed (Pelvic Organ Prolapse) and support Nepal Government initiative for uterine prolapsed
  • Use of Contraceptives
  • Encourage hospital delivery

C. Provide nutritional food (midday meal) to the children

Despite of health facilities ISD also focuses on volunteer mobilization. Youth are the pillar which helps in shaping and building up a nation. ISD provides a platform for the volunteer who have keen interest and ideas that would give a positive impact in the society.


ISD is the social organisation which have the clear vision toward its work and its sectors. Its Initiating, Involving, Implementing


ISD works on different social sectors but its main mission is to elevate women’s health and child nutrition and develop a healty civilization.


ISDF have been involved in different social works and issues beside its main sector too. Likes of rebuilding, education, awearness, vocational training etc.

Devkota Marga, Mid Baneshwor, 
Kathmandu, Nepal

Ph: 4482889 ,4482890
URL: www.isdf.org.np